The Moral of Your Story

kurt - newport news, Virginia
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Creed, to me this is not just another word. It holds a set of truths close to my heart that mean much more. It is the word that binds me to those truths and makes me live them out. The whole creed itself is most commonly used is a sacred sense. It is nothing to joke about and not living up to my own creed may make me want to rethink what I am doing in my life. Most people think of a creed as a long ceremonial speech that is boring and just want to get over with. My creed, however, is simply four points: honor, respect, chivalry, and pride.

Throughout my life my father has been a big influence on me. Even though a lot of the time we butt heads, he has given me all the aspects of my creed through his career in the United States Navy. This is one of the reasons that I am going to join the Marines after I get out of college. Through the military I see all the aspects of my creed being the norm. Honor in the military is one of the most basic things have. You join the military to protect the honor of your country. My father has shown me the honor he would be willing to die for through going out to sea for six months at a time, working late, and even serving in the War n Iraq. All of these things protect of nation, but at the same time give him honor as well.

Now without respect in the military, a person will die. Everything is run by a chain of command; therefore respect is demanded at the beginning. But I have noticed that as a group of men have been with each other long enough, the respect is no longer demanded. I like this idea that respect is not demanded of you, but instead you give it freely. This means that I am respecting has shown me respect too.

Who would be better to show a woman chivalry that a man in uniform. My father, even though he is married, is one of the most chivalrous men I know to this date. Ladies like a man in uniform so why not treat them nice too. But along with chivalry, you have to be proud in the military. Without pride in my country or myself, I shouldn’t be in the military.

As I have showed you, my father has showed me how I want to live my life through his career in the Navy. Because of his life choice and the ideals that I have, I too hope to join the military one day and have my children look at me like I do to my father.