The Meaning Of Christmas

Luis - EL Paso, Texas
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Meaning Of Christmas

I believe that Christmas is the most wonderful holiday in the entire year. This holiday unites people. It makes the society behave in a completely different way. I believe in Christmas, I love Christmas and I enjoy it every year. When I was a kid I didn’t really know the meaning of Christmas. I think that a lot of children around the world are waiting for Santa Clause to bring them happiness on this day. I believe that Christmas is wonderful for kids because they are the joy of Christmas and it makes them really happy. They don’t really know the meaning of Christmas so they are just waiting for presents. For others, Christmas is just vacations or just a big party where you can receive gifts and have a great time with friends.

But is that the true meaning of Christmas? I believe that the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus Christ. He is our creator the one that came to save us. Instead of buying presents and all that stuff we should be celebrating him because it is the day when he came to the Earth. I think that when I was a kid I enjoyed more Christmas than today because as a child you just want presents but wait, I‘m not saying that the last few Christmas I didn’t pass it great, in fact I always have wonderful Christmas with my family. I’m saying that when you grow up you really notice what is the real meaning of Christmas. When I was a kid I was more into receiving presents and see all the Christmas lights and I think we all did. I always waited for Santa and this was awesome because there is nothing better than waking up so early and see presents all over the Christmas tree.

This is the most important thing that makes kids really happy. When I woke up and saw all the presents I was like wow this is one of my happiest days of my life. When I was a child nothing mattered to me but presents. There is no feeling like this because as a child I always hoped that Santa could bring me an entire store full of toys just for me. When I was a kid, during the entire year I always tried to be a good child. When I was behaving badly, my mom always told me: “If you are behaving like this, Santa will not bring you presents.” After that I realized that it was true because Santa was always looking at me and taking note from everything I was doing.

Eventually I realized that Santa were my parents and this was kind of sad, losing the fantasy in waiting for him and writing letters with the presents I wanted for Christmas. I kept growing up and I noticed that that is not the real meaning of Christmas. The real meaning is Jesus. Jesus is the reason of the season as my Mom always says. I have to thank him for everything he has given to me . We all should remember that it is his birthday, celebrate him and the most important thing thank him because he came on this day to save us. Another thing that I believe we should not forget is praying because this is how he can hear us and one thing that I pray every night is that I want a better world, where there is no violence a world full of peace as it used to be.

This I believe, I believe that Jesus is the one that I own him everything and he is the real meaning of Christmas.