A Dancers Life

Tia - Florissant, Colorado
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Dancing to many people, even me, is life. We find joy in dancing and watching others dance. We enjoy helping others achive their dreams and even teach people who have no dance abilities the best routines. Although dancing may be costly and be time consuming it is becoming a world wide joy. From the professionals to the beginners, everyone will have a smile on their face while performing. If they are like me, they have a smile on their face just from the thought of dancig. You can garante that everyone has a favorite type of dance style, wheather ballroom, latin, hip-hop, or contemporary, there is a style of dance for everyone. The one person who pointed me in the direction of dance is my grandfather. He was a swing dancer in his younger years and has many trophies to prove it. Hearing his stories made me want to dance, and I have been doing it for nearly two years. Everyone has a different reason for enjoying dance, but everyone can enjoy watching people do amazing things with their bodies.