Always Look at Your Face in the Mirror Every Morning.

Duy - Salem, Oregon
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Getting up at 6:55, I knew I could be late for school. Brushing my teeth, grabbing a sandwich, and running out of my house, I rode my bike hurriedly to school. I had an exam first period, and I ought to be on time.

Finally, I made it, right when my teacher was giving out the exam. I went straight to my seat, and realized everyone was staring at my hair. I forgot to comb my hair, and it looked like a bird’s nest. I did not do the test well because I only thought how to quickly get out of the class. People kept mentioning my horrible hair for days, and I felt embarrassed to talk to my friends during that period of time.

So, now, I always look at my face in the mirror as the first thing to do in the morning, and I believe this is a must-do thing.

In a world where everyone usually judges by appearance, I had better have a good or at least an okay appearance. I do not necessarily look like a supermodel or put on heavy makeup like girls, but my clothes should be tidy, and my body should not smell. I cannot work without talking to someone. So, when I know I am clean and look good, I have more confidence to communicate with other people, and that helps me do things more likely to be successful. Preparing a good appearance is about more than the way I look. By preparing for this small thing, I also practice to prepare for the bigger things in my life.

When I look in the mirror, I will definitely see myself. It not only helps me to prepare my appearance for the day but also makes me realize who I am. Sometimes I wonder, “Who I am looking at in the mirror? What can that guy do and achieve? What makes him feel happy? How does he define life?”

I used to be a bookworm by spending most of my day in the library as a freshman. I did not take much time for my family, my friends, or even myself. However, reading hundreds of books did not satisfy me. I did not understand why until I discovered that I can play badminton well. I then understood that life is more than staying around the library, and I fixed my mistakes by seeking what I really love to do.

People’s values exist inside them, not in their appearances. My face does not show everything about me, but it deserves me to take care of because I have only one face to present to this world. So remember to look at your face in the mirror as you may discover hidden values in you, too.