The Difference of Goodness

Fatima - West Jordan, Utah
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In this world today, it’s very difficult to think about people caring for other people. In today’s world it seems as if no one cares for each other. But I see goodness each day even if its small thing like letting someone else go in front of you in a line. I see goodness in people each day.

It’s difficult to think of goodness in people, but I can think of some: being kind is a way of goodness, like helping someone you don’t know pick up what they have dropped in the hallway or store. Charity is another way of goodness, for example giving money to a charity that really needs funding and help. Selflessness shows that you care about others, that you put others before yourself. When you think about others you show who you really are.

The Goodness in people helps improve the world each day. If we all did something good for another person each day, there wouldn’t be so much violence in the streets, it wouldn’t be scary to walk alone in the dark; it would not be scary to talk to strangers.

Goodness is also a way to bring happiness to someone. You have the power to make a huge smile appear to their face. Goodness can help someone’s life change. Maybe someone who had no hope and just felt like dying, their life was change because someone had helped him/her, instead of being bullied. Maybe that boy/girl was walking in the hallway and a group of people pushed that person into a locker and what he/she was caring fell on the ground, and the group of people left laughing at what they had done. All that kid wanted to do after school was going home and committing suicide. You can change that by having goodness in you and helping out that student. After that maybe you can become their friend and he wouldn’t take his life away. Having goodness, and using that goodness can change someone life forever.

Goodness is a way to show that you really do care. This I believe.