I Believe in People

Jeremy - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have grown to believe in people, and people help me to believe in the future.

I have grown up in a world where terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and economic instability have been a backdrop to my daily life. Yet, growing up in this world, I have grown to understand that I live on an earth full of good people, people that care about complete strangers, and people that express the true love of human kind. This is what gives me hope for the future of the world I live in, the world I am growing up in, will get a job in, and will eventually raise a family in. How is it possible to be so positive when there are horrible people in the world?

I know that in this world I live in there are horrible people, but for every person that pushes you out of the way in a crowded store, there are ten people to extend a helping hand to help you up. Throughout my life I have encountered bad people, rude and seemingly angry at the world. I have heard about leaders of countries with hundreds of thousands of starving citizens that relax in their enormous palaces while their people suffer. But more than all the bad people I have come across, I have come across great people. From 5th grade teachers to Boy Scout leaders to middle school friends to high school counselors, the world is full of great people who yearn to make a difference, yearn to help others and to help the future of the world.

I believe (though it is difficult to predict one’s place in life at the age of sixteen) that I can help to change the world for the positive. I believe in the future of our world because I believe many people in my generation yearn for the same thing. I can change the world not through a new vaccine, or through a heroic action, but simply through making an effort to help one person everyday. Holding doors, helping someone who has belongings blowing in the wind, or even sharing an umbrella. I believe that the future of this world can be saved through these small deeds.

I believe in people, and I believe that good people do good things for other people. I believe in the future of this world because we live in a world where good deeds always outnumber evil actions. When good people do good things for other people, they make tough times a little easier, they make a layoff a little less painful, and I believe that when you help a person up off the ground they will immediately help the next person they see in need. I believe all this to be true, and I believe that the people of this world will help others and make this a future easier to live in.