Richard - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Sports are crucial in my life because they teach a person discipline, respect, and teamwork. Sports can turn boys into men. This is one reason why I like sports and play them, too. They teach you these qualities and help you get through life.

Sports can install discipline into a boy or girl by teaching them to be on time, try their hardest, and never give up. For example, if you go offside on a play in a football game, you are showing that you are not disciplined and should not be playing. But, if you are always onside and are always blocking your correct man for each play, you are showing that you are discipline and deserve to play over the guy who was called offsides. With discipline, you can show other people that you responsible and deserving.

Sports can also teach a boy or girl respect by teaching them to respect your teammates and other players, respect the coach, and most of all respect the game. By sharing playing time or not making fun of someone, you are respecting your teammates and players on the other team. By not arguing with the coach and his or her actions, you are showing the coach that you are respectful, and not to mention the playing time you will get. By sticking by the rules of the game and not cheating, you are respecting the game and playing it fairly.

Sports can teach teamwork to a boy or girl by showing them that they can’t always do everything by themselves. They have to work with other people to win. For example, if you are the best player on a team, you might be guarded by two or three people, leaving other people wide open. If you don’t give these people the ball but instead take it for yourself, you might miss or get it stolen, and lose the respect of the team. But, teamwork isn’t always used on the baseball field or football field, teamwork is used in everyday businesses. One person overlooks the work, other people work and try to find buyers, and other people manage the shipments and other things. So as you can see, this value is not only practical on the field, but in the office as well.

Sports are a good way to find and gain these three qualities. But, these qualities aren’t just used in sports, they can be find found in everyday things. This is what I believe, that I should learn the values and let them take an effect on my life.