dirty little secret

isabel - elgin, Illinois
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Image is a huge aspect of life. It is the first thing people see or know about you. It gives the world the first chance to make assumptions about your character, your personality and your persona. By taking first impression into consideration, we allow our opinion of a person to emerge and grow. Eventually our perception of a person is built, and we categorize them to be all but a label we have created. We fail to see that labels aren’t always accurate. A label is merely the surface of this person, its two dimensional, meaning it’s lacking both substance and depth. All in all human beings are complex. We all consist of flaws, regrets, embarrassing moments, or things we wish we could change. Yet we try to hide and conceal these things, known as secrets.

This idea that everyone possesses a dirty little secret, clicked when I started noticing that everything is not what is seems and that the label you obtain of a certain someone is merely the image the individual wishes you to see.

For instance, one evening a few of my girl friends and I decided to go out to eat. We ended up going in separate cars, when I arrived they were nowhere to be seen. After waiting for over 30 minutes I decided to check the parking lot. As I walked around I saw both my friends making out. Yet in another occasion, a friend was going to see her gynecologist, and wanted some company. At the end of the appointment she seemed down and not herself. She was positive for HPV.

There is no hesitation that these secrets definitely changed my perspective, as anybody’s would. It’s inevitable. The more you learn about a person, the more you see their true identity. In this instant many would see the person differently and fail to realize that no one’s perfect. For this reason many are afraid to reveal their secrets. Some are afraid of judgment and the harsh critical world we live in. They’re insecure and or are ashamed of themselves and what others might think.

Yet everyone has something they feel they need to hide. We all have this in common; people need to be more understanding and accept other people for whom they are. With this said, I believe everyone possess a dirty little secret.