I believe in the unseen

Jacob - Thayer, Kansas
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was about 12 years old or so, my sister and I were riding ATV’s along a gravel road by my house. All of a sudden for some reason I can’t remember, the brakes locked or something, but what happened was my ATV came to a sudden stop and I flew over the handlebars and landed on the road with my sister coming to a stop right in front of me. But my sister had been driving behind me. Judging by the place I had landed, where she was driving and where she had stopped, she should have driven right over the top of me. But I don’t remember seeing how she got around me, and she doesn’t ever remember steering around me, she only remembers pulling her brakes. I didn’t get run over by her ATV, but I did have a few scratches from the gravel. I told this story to a friend of mine, expressing how I believe that God had protected me that day. He scoffed and asked me if I had seen anything miraculous or extraordinary, and I had to say no. He asked me how I could believe in a God that I couldn’t see.

I believe in the unseen. I believe in things not seen everyday, week or month, but that can be felt at times. When I was a little boy I remember that I used to ask a lot of questions about things that I didn’t understand. What makes the wind blow? How do I know that the God that I pray to is real? What is love? There are lots of things that people talk about that you can’t see. I’ve learned in school some time or another that wind is caused by temperatures in the atmosphere somewhere far away, but I still don’t really understand it. People have to see things to help them understand. There are things that we can’t see but we can feel that we really don’t have any control over at all. I have a very minute knowledge about the other unseen things that I mentioned, but I’ve realized that you can’t ever fathom or understand them. God is great and so complex that it would take a lifetime to get to understand Him just a little bit. Love is a mysterious thing, and if you stay with it long enough and it’s legit, you’ll realize that your love from yesterday is not the same as it is today, it grows and becomes greater. I can’t see these things; I can only feel their effects and believe in them.