This I Believe

Daniel - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am a cradle Catholic. I will tell you what any other Catholic would when they are asked their beliefs. I would say that I believe in a loving God, I believe that there is love and trust and that we should love God above everything else. I do not know how everyone else sees the world, but I do know that everyone sees it slightly differently.

This election, no matter what you believe or think, I know that it was very insightful. For me, it showed me everyone’s true feelings. It really shouldn’t matter though, because we live in a free country and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I also realized that arguing can tend to get very complicated when it goes political. I believe that arguing doesn’t make the world a better place. I believe that instead of arguing about things that people should instead get to work, make a difference, and not worry about what others think.

Even though I believe arguing is not a good way to fix a problem, but I do think that sometimes peaceful protests are effective, as well as holding speeches on something that an people believe in. I do think that without people arguing, people would never be able to defend their beliefs and I believe that through defending your beliefs, you will come to know them better.

In the past months I saw many people talking about their beliefs and how the economy should be fixed, but the one thing that I really noticed was that people were arguing morals. As I believe, morals cannot be argued in any way. While I do believe that there may be degrees of good and evil for something, I believe that you cannot argue about something being morally good or bad; it is what it is.

One thing that I know to be morally bad is abortion. One thing that I noticed was people arguing about abortion and whether it was even morally permissible. From this one topic I heard many different viewpoints. I heard that some people thought it was bad but in some cases it was necessary and “ok”. I also heard, “Why would you want a child to be born in poverty?” I could not have more strongly disagreed with this. One thing I would have to say is, “So do you think Jesus should not have been born?” and “You are supposed to see Jesus in the poor.” Another argument that I heard was, “So you think that abortion could be wrong for me but okay for another?” This I found very enlightening.

I believe that people also need to try to view the world in a different way to try to understand those around them. I think that through understanding why they believe that you can see If it really does look like something you should believe or if its complete bogus. I believe that some things are better left as they