This I Believe: Pieces of Time

nicole - norfolk, Virginia
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Pieces of Time

This I believe: time heals everything. Time can fix, break, strengthen, or weaken people. It is so powerful in many ways and can also be your worst enemy in life. I too have had time heal difficult situations in my life, from my best friend betraying me to guys breaking my heart to my mom being diagnosed with skin cancer. Those things have made me become a stronger person and have made me learn life lessons.

Time had to heal me when my best friend betrayed my trust and lied. I have trusted all my secrets with her for all nine years I have known her. She promised she would never tell. A couple months later I heard that she had told me secret. When I asked her about it, she lied to my face and said she would never do such a thing. This isn’t the first time she had lied to me. I felt so betrayed. Through prom, grad night, graduation, and the summer, and six months went by until we finally talked. We don’t talk today and I don’t ever want to. I want to forgive her and forget her. I put all my trust into a person who I considered my family and my even sister. Ever since this happened, it is hard for me to trust somebody. But in the end time has healed my broken heart.

Time also had to heal me was when I came to college. Being a girl at college, you get to see all the different types of guys. Coming out of a three year relationship, I was ready to be single. As I have learned through college, college guys are not always the idle bread. They tell a girl anything they want to hear in order to “get with them.” For girls, we tend to get attached very easily; guys take advantage of that. Having just ended a three year relationship and then going to not being treated with respect was a big push into reality. College has made me realize I deserve to be treated with respect.

Lastly, time has healed me when I found out my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer. My mom came in the door with tears running down her face. I came down stairs and sat next to her wondering what was going. She began to explain that the doctors had found cancer on her face. Now, I try to begin each day with a brighter outlook on life and to appreciate my mom and dad even more.

Time heals pain, love, and wounds. It helps us heal and move on from the past. By letting nature take its course, we are able to heal and move on. Although nothing can truly heal you all the way, time is the greatest healer of all. Everything happens for a reason. You can forgive but never forget.