Full Circle

Donald - Michigan City, Indiana
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

People believe in many things, like sports, for example. There are many sports across the world, such as baseball, basketball, tennis, and badmitton. I think it is wrong for people to be judged by what sport they like. I believe NASCAR is a sport. Other people look at NASCAR and assume that it is boring and do not have an open mind towards it. Most people believe that all the cars do is go in circles and make small left-hand turns, but there is definitely more to it. Well if you think about it, isn’t every sport just going in a circle? In Basketball, isn’t there just a group of guys on a court trying to get a orange ball into a basket and what ever team of guys can get the ball in that basket the most wins? In tennis, you swing a racket to hit a fuzzy yellow ball, and who ever misses or messes up the most loses. Every sport can be broken down into this. Like I said before, I believe in NASCAR. When you think of a sport you enjoy, think why. Is it appealing? Is it fun to do? Do you just like watching it? The beginning of a race truly inspires me to like NASCAR. When I went to a race, after the end of the National Anthem, the suspense grows and grows, and when the honored guest of the race says the first and most famous words in NASCAR, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” There is no way to describe the noise from the engines roaring in the air. When the cars start going around the track to the drop of the green flag, no one is sitting just to watch everyone speed around the track. From the time the green flag drops to the time the checkered flag waves, the suspense is undescribable. Most of the time, the end of the race is more even more thrilling than the beginning of the race. If the race is close between two drives at the end of the race, the crowd is excited to see who can pull off the win. The end of the race can range in a distance from a lap between the first two drivers to .002 seconds, like in the March 16th race where Ricky Craven beat out Kurt Busch. This sport intoduces thrill and excitement. Afterall, that is what sports are there for, excitement. This is what I believe in.