Love at First Sight

Danielle - Jasper, Indiana
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everyone is guilty when they were younger of dreaming big about their future career. I remember that I wanted to be a fire fighter so I could help people and play with water. Many of these dream jobs when we were younger do not come true, which in some cases is a good thing. I grew up changing my future dream job every year. I wanted to be everything from a doctor to a gas station worker until I had the best experience with an amazing woman and her twenty-three kids my senior year. This is why I believe in love at first sight!

On August 20, 2007 my dream job finally started on a train of success. I was nervous that whole day going from class to class thinking about the people I will get to meet at 1:30 P.M. that afternoon. I finally left the high school at 1:20 P.M. to get down to the elementary school to start a brand new experience. Walking down the hall of the elementary school with cream colored cement on the walls I began to breath heavy. The walk seemed like an eternity down the long, narrow hall. I finally got down to the last door in the hallway and turned the door knob to open the old, squeaky door to a room full of a first grade class and their teacher. I was welcomed by the teacher and introduced to the kids. Throughout the next semester I got to know not only the children and faculty but also myself. I worked every day with these children by reading with them and helping them with their homework. I also got introduced to the everyday activities of a first grade teacher. I became to know and love these children throughout this time period. The time I spent with these wonderful children was self-rewarding and it flew by real fast. Every day I knew that I wanted to pursue my life as an elementary teacher even that much more. This experience sealed the deal. I graduated from high school remembering every last one of those children and in the fall of 2008 I started my college life majoring in elementary education. I know this will be a hard journey, but I am willing to do anything to have my dream come true.

Many people think that when they hear love at first sight that it has to do with two people falling in love that are made for each other. I felt this right when I walked into that room full of eager children ready to learn, and I hope I feel the same way four years from now when I walk into a classroom that will be mine.