Life Is Like A Round Of GOlf

Nick - Fayetteville, New York
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have one philosophy that I actively live by. In its simplest terms, “Life is like a round of golf”.

Golf is played in 18 holes. Everyone knows that the 18 holes or round will eventually end. Eventually, life is going to end. I believe that life needs to be split into a front and back nine, just like a round of golf. A great front side sets up the opportunity to be aggressive and have success on the back side. To me, the same applies in life. I feel the first years of your life need to be a successful. It allows for the later years of life to be goal-oriented and self determined.

I’m an avid golfer. Never in my life have I played my best round of golf with a bad score on the front nine. I remember the first time I succeeded in my goal of breaking 80. It was last summer. For the first nine holes, I was on top of my game making every putt I looked at. On top of that, I missed only one fairway. I ended up shooting a 38. I was pumped when I went into the last nine holes. I knew my achievements on the front side had set me up well. I kept up the streak and ended up shooting another 38, and accomplished my goal.

There is another key point to my philosophy. A bad front nine does not ruin a round of golf. Just as a bad start doesn‘t ruin your life. It will be much harder to achieve your goal, but it is possible. Many times in my life I’ve had a double bogey on a hole. Last golf season I made triple bogey during the biggest match of the season. But I turned around and made a birdie to right the ship.

My success in golf was only one example of how I live my life. Right now I try to do well in school and challenge myself in activities that I know I can succeed in. This sets me up for the later part of my life, where I can be steadfast and try to achieve the goals I dream of. In the back of my mind, I always leave room for error. I may make a double bogey in life, but I know that I’ll just have to make a better score on the next hole.

Life‘s goals become clear when a certain thought pops inot your head. “Life like a round of golf”. What takes place in the starting nine of life will determine how the finishing nine can be lived. If my first years of life steer off track , it’s going to be very hard to shoot that low round. I may mess up. But I will keep my spirits high. I know I’ll just have to make a birdie to save the round and ultimately achieve my goal.