Monica - Justice, Illinois
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in music; expressing yourself with different genres. Feeling happy, listening to happy music; feeling down, listening to sad music; feeling energetic, listening to dance music; making people feel comfortable in their surrounding area; different emotions associated with music; people wanting to express themselves, getting lost in their dreams, relaxing. That’s what music is to me.

Without music, I don’t know where I would be. I’m not some person who is stuck in music or interested in music. I just really like to listen to it; helps me calm down. When I want, I can go and goof off with my friends to music. If I want, I can listen to sad music and just think and reflect.

Whatever I do, I tend to listen to music. Whether it’s driving in my car, cleaning, or doing homework, I am or at least have to be listening to music. Actually, as I am writing this paper, I am listening to music.

Music is a way of expressing yourself freely. You can cry to it, you can sing to it, you can laugh, dance, and do so many things with music. It’s a way of letting yourself go free. Goof off with friends, sing really loud and obnoxiously, and even cry into your pillow.

So, one day as I’m sitting in my room, I turn on the radio and start listening to music. Then, I get the idea to start looking through drawers. As I’m looking through these drawers; I find old memories. Pictures with friends and family; the music and things I found in my drawers remind me of all the memories. That’s when I found some old cds, like N’SYN, BSB, Brittney Spears. I start playing the cds and remember how crazy I used to be about these celebrities. How my friends and I used to sing along with them.

I believe that music is all around us. It’s a way of us expressing ourselves; reminding you of your past.