Correcting Your Mistakes

daniel - oxnardCA.93030, California
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I am a Mexican American. I have light brown eyes and light chocolate skin. I have short black hair. I like playing handball and my favorite basketball team the Chicago Bulls. I believe that anyone can graduate from high school. You just need to get good grades and not to get into trouble. You don’t have to listen to others that tell you to do bad things in school. If you need help with your homework ask your teacher. If someone is bothering you at school, you can tell your teacher or someone you know that that can help you.

I got my belief from my brother because he never graduated from high school. He always chose not to do his homework and used to get in a lot of trouble. He always used to listen to his friends who told him to do bad things. But then when he was 18 years old he just dropped out of school. He just wanted to work anywhere and get paid. But then when time was passing by he realized he wasn’t getting a lot of money. He now had a wife and a daughter. He now wanted to move to their own house. But he didn’t have a nice job where he could get paid well. He kept struggling for a long time. He started looking for jobs on the internet. Now my brother is living with us. His wife and daughter are living with their mom. I keep telling my brother that he was dumb for not putting in effort when he was in junior high. By now he has started realizing the mistakes he made in the past. My brother is telling me many helpful things and giving me tips how to graduate from junior high. I don’t think he cares about life because I don’t see him looking for jobs or worried about his future.

This can affect everyone in their lives because some people will try their hard work to improve that they can graduate and get their diploma. There are many people in the world that just gave up in junior high because they think it’s hard for them to graduate. Every one knows it’s hard but just try your best and give what it takes to get yourself to the end of the line.