Cause of Happiness

Brittany - Park Hill, Missouri
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Opposites don’t always attract despite what many people may say. An example of this would be marriage. All my life I’ve been told that about ninety percent of my happiness would come from the person I marry. If someone marries for the wrong reasons, the marriage will fail. When there is marriage for the right reasons, they will both live a life of bliss together. For these reasons and many more, I believe in marrying well.

Every single day I encounter many married couples. Most of the time, it’s easy to distinguish the newly weds and older couples, and even the ones that married for the right and wrong reasons. The newly weds and the ones that marry for the right reasons are always happy and clingy towards each other, while the older couples and ones that married for the wrong reasons are usually quite distant Occasionally there are older couples who are always happy with each other. These are the couples that married for love and bliss with each other for the rest of their lives together. The usually grumpy couples marry for love of money or possessions. A lot of them end up in a divorce. On the other hand, there is marriage without the thought of ones self. It’s the thought of care and love of another.

I have personally witnessed the marriage of two people for the love and care of another. My father left and soon as he knew I was there. I never had a chance with him. I have lived about half of my life without a father. My mother tried so hard. I wanted a father. She ended up hooking up with a guy she worked with. They were complete opposites. She was doing all of this for her children because she was worried I wouldn’t grow up the same as the other kids. Awhile after, they both said their I do’s, and it had all begun. They were happy for while, soon after though, it started to crumble. They constantly argued, but mainly over my step dad’s selfishness and my mothers caring for everyone around her. I came to figure why this happened. As it turns out, my step father was abandoned when he was a child and had a hard life never being cared for or loved. Since it had been that way, I realized that’s why he has such a problem expressing love or care towards my family.

My mother isn’t completely happy, but she puts up with it for us, her children. Constantly she tells me to never marry for anything but love and to marry well. She is happy for her kids, but she isn’t truly happy herself. This marriage just shows that opposites don’t always attract, and that most of my happiness will depend on the man I marry, especially for the right reasons.