I Believe Supplements Make Me Feel Better

Jared - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe supplements make me work out better because of the way I feel. I have worked out before without supplements and have worked out while on them.

Now I’m not talking about steroids or anything illegal. Everything I take is over the counter. So it is totally legal and non steroid. I believe the supplements make me workout a lot better and harder. Also it makes the muscles grow a lot more and puts good chemicals in the muscles so they don’t get damaged.

Some people have told me not to do any of it and just stay natural, but they have never done any of this before. They’re just going by what the doctor tells them. Yes some things can and could kill me but that’s just something I don’t care about anymore. Also some thing that pushes me to work out is anger. Some people say I have anger problems but I can’t help it. Some people just make me mad and or hurt me mentally. When that happens all I want to do is take supplements and go work out. For some reason though, no matter how I feel before I workout I’ll take my supplements and then a half hour later I’m ready to go take on the world. My adrenalin gets pumping so much and the blood flow goes crazy through the body and it just makes me feel awesome. I never did feel like this when I didn’t take supplements. I have thought to myself, “Am I addicted to them?” Or is it just all in my head or is it just when I look at myself compared to other people. I don’t know so that’s why I continue to take supplements.

In conclusion, I believe supplements are what drive me to work out two hours a day six days a week.

So this is what I believe in and why I think it works because I’ve had experience with and without them. I also have spent many dollars on them and I only buy what I like and what works for me. That is what I believe in.