Fighting for Things That Are Important

Daniel - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

Should people pursue the things in life they most want? I believe I should, in order to be happy. People who have nothing to fight for won’t ever be truly challenged. I have not been truly challenged in life. Instead, I have tried to cheat my way through school. I took advantage of people trying to give me help and I kept doing what was wrong.

In school I had never done anything wrong. I had all my teachers respect and never got in trouble. Everything was handed to me my whole life. Then, it all stopped my junior year of high school. Our class had an assignment due. I did the assignment and let it get revised by a friend. They kept it over a certain period of time. Then, I got the assignment back and finished my final copy. E turned it in along with the rest of the class. What I didn’t know, though, was the friend that revised my assignment copied it and gave it to a friend that needed the same assignment. I got called to the teachers desk at the end of class. E had no idea what it was for. When he showed me, I couldn’t believe it. Apparently, the teacher thought e had cheated on the assignment. I know that I didn’t cheat, but someone else had the same exact work on the same assignment turned in. The kid admitted to cheating, but the teacher still didn’t know if I, myself had cheated. I was told to redo the assignment. I redid the assignment as told. Only there’s one problem. I turned around and cheated on the assignment in order to have it done. Unfortunately, I got caught cheating. The first and only time I cheated I got caught. I lost most of the respect of my teachers. Now I will have to fight for every ones respect.

I believe I have to fight for something in life in order to be happy. My way I have to fight is winning the trust and respect of the ones around of back. So, do people need to fight for something? I believe they do in order to see where they stand in this world.