Big Dreams, Big Ambitions, One Goal

Stacey - Farmington, Missouri
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When discussing my plan to attend college to study neurology, the most common response (which is more of an accusation) that I receive is “You’re in it for the money.” Despite desperate attempts to convince the accusers otherwise, I know what I am doing it for. Money is definitely involved, but for the right reasons. I believe that I have the ability to help people, and maybe impact the medical field, in a great way.

I have always wanted to work in the medical field. In eighth grade we were doing a project over the human body systems. My group chose the nervous system, and my interest for neurology began. Through neurology and stem cell research, there is a step in the right direction towards finding cures for cancer, diabetes, and even paralysis. I want to help contribute to that study, make donations, and anything possible to help keep these discoveries moving forward. However, that is not my biggest goal. My most ambitious goal lies in poor countries. Building hospitals and providing free healthcare is ultimately what I would like to do.

I have often thought about the work and stress and hard time I am going to have doing this. With ten years of college, and a great chance of failure, most sane people would step away. But I’m not going to. The deep gratitude that I have, never having to experience what so many people deal with (concerning not having money to pay for healthcare and experiencing major health issues) will not let me give up. If I know that I have the ability to help, why not help?

For me, simply recognizing this belief that I hold is a big step. Achieving it is going to be a much larger task, but one I’m for sure not going to regret undertaking. This is not something I want to do for an application into sainthood or a ticket to heaven. It’s purely because of my belief. My reason for this belief is very simple: because it can, and will happen.