I Believe in the Power of Faith

Alyssa - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

December 2, 2008

This I believe

I believe in the power of faith. This past summer I spent six weeks away from the most important people in my life. I was in Washington DC, a city I knew almost nothing about, and a city where I knew no one. During these six weeks my mind, heart, and faith were tested and strengthened.

Before this point the longest time I had been away from my family was a week, I had no idea how I was going to make it without them. There was also a new love in my life that I had never been away from for more than two days. I was not sure if I would be able to handle no seeing, touching, or kissing him for six weeks. When it came time to say good bye I cried going to the airport, at the airport, during the flight, and when I arrived in DC. I cried the entire day. The feeling on loneliness struck me instantly and my heart began to quench. At this moment I knew my faith and my strength were the two things that were going to get me through. I began to remember what my mother and my aunt had always told me, believe in the power of pray and faith.

For as long as I can remember my mother and father have been taking my sister, brother, and I to church every weekend. Until my time in DC, I did not fully appreciate the power of pray and faith. I also, did not know how strong my faith was and how much I rely on it in my day to day comings and goings. My belief that there is always someone watching over me was evident in DC. I had to constantly remind myself that I may be physically alone but I was never spiritually alone.

As the days passed so did the weeks, finally it was time to see my loved one again. My faith got me through the many lonely nights, the hours of crying, and the missing and longing to see my loved ones. During the time spent in DC I felt safe and assured. There was an extra spirit pushing me through the days and encouraging me to continue, at times that I felt I couldn’t.

I believe in the power of faith. I believe that not only my faith in God but my faith in myself was what got me through the six weeks in Washington DC. The power of faith continues get me through my daily routine in my life. I know that I am protected and will always have the strength to continue.