This I Beleive, Unconditional Love

Molly - Newport News, Virginia
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

This I Believe, Unconditional Love

First is the worst, second in the best, third is the one with the treasure chest. Growing up, as the middle child is an experience, from having that older sister you can talk to about everything, to having a younger sister to boss around. It’s not always easy getting along with siblings. I believe in unconditional love.

September 9, 1993, the day my little sister was born. For my parents and older sister it was a joyous day. All I know about that day is the stories I’ve heard about me screaming in the elevators and hospital rooms about who was going to take care of me. Looking back that was a childish thing to do; however I was three, and only reacting as any toddler would to a new family member. As my younger sister and I grew older, we had our fair share of arguments and fights, and I would always get blamed. But this brought us closer in the end.

An older sibling is something that many people wish they had; it’s such a privilege. I wouldn’t give that up for everything. The disadvantage to an older sister is not being the first to experience something, like getting a drivers’ license or graduating. And a younger sister always gets to be the last to experience things. When we are at college, my youngest sister will get to be an only child. And then there’s me, the second to experience things, but not the first or the last. It’s hard, seeing your parents have a muted excitement during a certain milestone because someone has already experienced it. But when the youngest to the same experiences, parents’ get emotional because it’s their last time too.

When my sister left for college I thought it was going to be the best thing ever, for once I was going to be the oldest. In the few weeks leading up to her moving away, it hit me, she as leaving. She wasn’t just going to a college 45 minutes away, she as going 5 hours. They packed up and pulled away, I was devastated. I had been preparing to be the oldest, but I realized that I was incapable. Over the months she was gone our appreciation had grown. Since both my sister and I have both gone to college, our love for each other has grown stronger than before. It’s true to say that just as my older sister had left and we have become closer, it’s the same with my younger sister. This silent, unconditional love that we have for each other is what keeps us close.

My sisters and I have grown up to love each other. I’m not saying that we didn’t love each other because we did we just didn’t understand why. Unconditional love is a silent love that exists even if you don’t know it does.