This I Believe

Aminul - Alta Loma, California
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe Essay

In the streets of Los Angeles, walks a thief around 1 a.m. The thief approaches Rite-Aid nervously, as if his mental state is more visible than his physical self. Entering aisle fourteen, where sweets, candies, chips, and items of junk food are neatly stacked on lower, middle, and top shelves. The thief focuses on his favorite, a Hershey bar. The hesitation is easily noticed, but the store is empty to have any customer notice his hesitation. Since it is nearly customer-free, even the employees roam around, away from the cash register, the ice cream station, office, even the janitor is a fair distance from the broom. Thief takes his environment into consideration, even then his mental state overtakes his posture, and increases his speed towards the exit where he is introduced to a security guard, possibly the only working person around. Punishment is given, as his life savings of twenty dollars were retrieved by the store, as well as his dinner. This thief was my starving friend, and having his savings stripped, he starved fiercely for the next three to four days. I am still wondering if they punished my friend understanding his condition. Did they truly understand my friend? Does anyone truly understand another? I believe one truly does not understand another.

Truly, that Hershey bar would have better served a starving little boy without any money, parents, or shelter. If the market gave any consideration to the little boy, a bum, maybe children with parents forced to abandon them due to their daily jobs, it seems more understandable. Honestly, if the store understood their condition, the situation with my friend could have been handled so much easier. Then there is media feeding typical information to the public. I wonder, why that murderer really murdered his wife? I wonder why that gangster really killed the other gangster ? I wonder why United states is really at war with Iraq?

If the world learns one day to understand one another, then everyone can all have Hershey bars around the streets of LA. We can all have Hershey bars around America and enjoy it with Uncle Sam. Everyone can all have Hershey bars with our European mates. We can all have Hershey bars with Middle Eastern people, possibly. The consequence of us not achieving the sweet, creamy flavor of the Hershey bar, can possibly place us in a horrific state of starvation.

Consider the earth’s condition, as everyone reaches for their Hershey bar, and others stands by, inviting the action. This is the ultimate goal, in which universal participation of grasping a Hershey bar, while the other is capable of understanding why he or she is grasping it. This way, my starving friend, your starving friend, everyone’s starving friend will be able to walk out the Rite-Aid doors without being punished. Lets all approach the Hershey Bar.

And seriously, who does not like Hershey bars?