Captured by Pirates

Paige - Lincoln, Nebraska
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that the American people have been kidnapped by pirates. They have been taken out of their homes and forced to work long hours. They can’t get away. They won’t see their children again.

It all started when the evil “Captain Hook” Addiction)became more powerful than Peter

Pan (Childhood).

Captain Hook is all over the place. He is in the billboards facing our University telling the students to DRINK responsibly.

He is in the envelopes coming in the mail everyday offering us money to borrow.

He is in the checkout aisles showing us candy. He is in the fast food lane giving us soft drinks.

He is in the cell phone industry and their contracts. He is in the health industry and their quick fixes. He is in the home equity loans.

Captain Hook has marketed us into captivity and we are going to walk the plank.

Can we return to childhood? Can we chose innocence? Can we recapture simple fun?Where is Tinkerbell when we need her?

This is my new litmus test. When I do this – will I be able to undo it? If I get on this can I get off? If I go up can I get back down? How can I pay this back?Where is Captain Hook here? I need to keep my eye out for him. I need to run away lest I lose my life and end up working for him.