Hard to Gain , Easy To Lose

Ceasar - Bloomington, California
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question, respect

In this world, people may think respect isn’t anything, but it is really is. Following having the respect is having the trust also. The consequences of these are the disrespect side and betrayal. I have been through this world before. I can say i got respect from my friends and I got respect for them. As far for my family, it is just the opposite. My whole life, I just tried to fit in with my own family and cousins i got down here. Ever since then, I have only got a few respect. Most respect I get from is from friends. It was hard to find that respect for a while, but i found the place where I belong.

Then with the disrespect I get from other people, I do not even bother because its just a waste of time. Disrespect is an insult, lack of respect. Recent one was when people used me to drive down all the way to San Diego to “kick it” with some “friends.” We went to the beach. The whole reason I went was because I wanted to “kick it” but then they all bailed out on me and went on their own ways. One guy and girl became a couple and went their own ways, and another just went off doing their own thing. While they was away, I just “chilled” back on the sand. After that, I told them straight up that how they bailed out on me. My other friends told me to leave them there and just head home, I didn’t wanna be that harsh, but I got through it. Everything was cool after that but, more I kicked it with them, the more disrespected I have gotten. What really pushed me was when they treated like I am nothing anymore when I brought them into a business I got into. These “friends” I called, they didn’t join because I asked them to, they joined because another “friend” did. How I felt after that was betrayal from “friends” that used me.

Within all this drama, from the beginning, I felt that disrespect from the start. From the “kick back” at the beach, which that I drove to with “friends”, to a business that other people took credit for what I started. For me, its so hard to gain someone’s respect and so easy to lose it. Towards the people that disrespected me, just shallow.

From after all this, I could not trust anyone I know. Whoever it was, family or friends, there was no trust of who I knew until I knew I can trust them. Trust is not easy to get, not as easy as getting respect or even easy of losing it. So far, only a few has gain my trust and respect. People should not give their trust to anyone or respect anyone that easy. With what I believe, no one can be trusted or respected in this world. Everyone can be a friend, but everyone is a enemy in disguise.