Friendship at Home

TayLyn - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in loving my mom.

There are so many benefits from having a close relationship with my mom, Crystal. I am the only girl in a family with four brothers. My mom and I have been able to bond easily because all of my brothers were into things like sports and dirt. We would plan shopping trips together where we would accidentally run into people asking if we were twins, with our brown hair, green eyes, and same height. Shopping was our favorite thing to do when we would leave the stores with something in our hands. Besides being spoiling, my favorite time is the one-on-one talks that leave me feeling good about myself.

I tell her about my crisis with boys and how my world is falling apart. Things like, “Why does Steve always pick on me, and why can’t I get Joe to notice me?” I never kept a single secret from her. We have a connection better than any of my best friends. We are, as some people would say, “Two peas in a pod.” I believe that it is because we trust, care, and love each other to the highest level possible.

During the winter recesses at Kershaw Middle School in fifth grade, I would try to play with all the popular girls. They were becoming my new best friends and I was excited. Later in the week they decided they didn’t want to include me in their group anymore. I wasn’t usually the one being ditched and their cold shoulder devastated me. I sat on top of a snow bank and cried. I felt like there was no one to turn to and I was crushed. I’m not the most out going person, so when it comes to making friends I didn’t know what to do. Because I had a lot of time alone that day, I did a lot of thinking. I realized something very important. No matter what happens in my life, my mom will always be there for me. It was at this moment that my friendship grew the most with my mom. I found that no matter what I do and what trouble I get into, she will always love me. My mom and I share a special bond that no one can ever take away.

Just recently I left home for college, which is only fifteen minutes away from my hometown. I can tell that this is going to be a big change in my life and hers. I do love the feeling that my mom will always be there for me. Loving my mom as my best friend is the greatest gift in the whole world. Life at home is a blessing and I always know that someone loves me. I have a great life knowing that my mom and I love each other. The experiences in my life have led me to always believe in loving my mom.