The Meaning Of Music

Colin - Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Music is everywhere. It comes in various styles and means something different to everyone. Some people use listen to music to get away from everything, for others, music is their whole career. No matter how you look at it, music plays a large role in most peoples lives. In my case, music is a major part of my lifestyle. I can’t go a day without listening to music and having it there when I need it. I know everyone says this but it just helps me get away if I need some time by myself, or when I’m with my friends, we use it to have fun. I have certain songs that I use for whatever mood I may be in at the time. Recently though, I have taken a whole new look at music.

Over the past few months I lost a very close friend of mine. We did almost everything together. There were so many songs we listened to and had fun singing out loud in my car at the top of our lungs. Now looking back at all the good times we had and songs we listened to, it is hard to go back and hear those songs. After losing this friend, I can’t believe how much more the song lyrics mean to me. Even songs that I never paid attention to become meaningful because I now understand what message was trying to be portrayed. Every time I hear one of our songs I just go back to the days and how much fun the times we spent together were. Even though I thought music meant a great deal to me, it’s strange how losing a close friend can make music mean that much more. I find something in every song I listen to and pay close attention to the lyrics and the story the song tells.