Angel in Disguise

Megan - Grangeville, Idaho
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in angels. I never used to until my sophomore year in High School. Most people think of angels with halos who have wings and wear white, fly above you, and never say a word. There are two, one on either side of you in the pictures. I only have one, and he doesn’t look like that. He has four legs, follows me from room to room noticeably, and has the weirdest bark I’ve ever heard. Yes, he is a dog.

In the middle of my sophomore year, I was very lonely, got sick a lot, and was going through a rough time. My parents noticed this, and finally realized this was a good time to get the dog I had always wanted. My dad took me to animal shelters, and at the Boise animal shelter I was set on getting a black lab. They were the nicest dogs I had ever met, and that was what I wanted; a friend. I walked past each kennel slowly, seeing how friendly they were. I saw a few black labs that I planned on looking at again once I doubled around. But I never did. I walked to the last kennel and found myself looking into big brown eyes that were staring right back at me. Curled up on a little pillow was the sweetest looking dog I had ever seen. He was a beautiful little beagle. I stopped and looked back at my dad who was walking even slower than me. I looked back at the beagle, who continued to stare at me, but had not left his pillow. This worried me. Was he friendly? Maybe he was mean. I would never find out unless I tried, so I grabbed a leash and went inside the cage. He sniffed my hand and followed me from the kennel out to the back yard to play. He was a very happy dog. I started calling him Sammy right off the bat, though I have no idea why. I decided he was the one.

The first few weeks at his new home were tough. Sammy liked to wreak havoc on anything he came upon, which caused my mom a lot of stress. I worked hard with him, and over time, he became the best friend I always wanted. He was loveable, and I knew he would never hurt me. He would listen to me and not judge. If I was tired, he would just come to bed with me. When I cried, he would snuggle up in my arms and lick me. He got me through my rough time, which is why I consider Sammy an angel.

I am not sure how to thank a dog since he won’t be able to understand me. So I try to show him the best way that I can. By loving him with all my heart, since he did the same for me.