Gift is the light to a new life

Abdullah - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Giving a gift is like giving a new life to my spirit, and the spirit of the receiver. My story of my gift starts when I was twelve-years old. When my family moved to a new house and new neighbors. I had to change my elementary school. To me every thing has changed; I have left my life, my school, and the house I was raised in.

I had to start from the beginning, get used to the new place and make new friends. At the beginning it was impossible to make friends. When I tried to talk with boys, I found that they already have friends, and they didn’t want to be friends of mine. It took me sometime to recognize that I am alone. I tried to find a solution, but I couldn’t do that myself.

One day I saw a really old man smiling to me, I think he was in his late 70’s, or so, I talked with him, and I found that he was so nice man, and I could be a friend of him. A week, or so, later, I was talking with him and I asked him a question in mind: How can I make friends? He smiled a bit and then said: “a gift can change a heart.” I thought about it for a while and then asked: What if I don’t have money? He thought a little bit, and gave me the answer; the answer was the secret of my life, I have never told, but showed.

With that secret I could make so many friends, everywhere, anywhere that if I try to remember their names I would hurt my brain, this is why I don’t. That secret has lightened my new life, and the life of many others.

Today I decided to tell this secret for the first time, and let everyone use it and know its magic. The man said in his old voice “son: the cheapest gift I know is to smile.” With it I have started a new life, made friends, forgot the loneliness of the past, and remembers the power of the future.

I believe in the power of the gift. I believe in the power of the smile. Just a smile is my gift to you. So use it, and change your life.