Nothing is Permanent

Diana - Anderson, Indiana
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

Every single one of us has a strong belief towards something. Our beliefs are different, but can be very similar as well. A lot of us believe in love, peace, friendship, family, and many things more. I believe that nothing is permanent in our lives. We should only worry about living the very present moment and live it to the fullest.

We do not have access to any of our past moments nor any of our so called future ones. Everything that we once lived is now in the past, and those occasions have only turned into memories. Memories are something that stays in our minds for a long time, yet as time goes by, they fade away and get forgotten.

We cannot be for sure that what we will expect will happen is actually going to happen. We may have plans for the future, but until we are living that moment it won’t have any existence. Therefore, the future is not even capable of being permanent yet.

The material objects that we once had, have not been there forever either. We buy new things constantly, replacing previous objects that come to be unwanted. Furthermore, we cannot assume that because we are promised something that it will actually be in our hands either. Again, we can only live with those things that we currently have.

The same people are not always in our lives either. We change friends, co-workers, colleagues, classmates, etc. when there are shifts in our lives. We don’t know who will be surrounding us in the future either. The nuclear family is probably the ones who will remain the closest, however they are not going to be as involved in one’s life as they once were. They may also leave this world before or after us, we just don’t know.

One of the reasons why I think we should only worry about the present is because I lost a very beloved uncle. I was seven years old and I was his first and only niece at the time. He loved spending time with me and I love his company. I could say that I lived with him more than I did with my parents. We would eat, watch TV, and played together or he would simply tell me stories when we didn’t have anything else to do. I remember he would always buy me toys and a long strip of caramel suckers, which was the best candy. He treated me as if I was his daughter, maybe because he wasn’t married and didn’t have any kids. He seemed to be full of life and healthy, but he never let me saw what was really going on in his life. One day he was no longer there with me like he had always been. I asked my parents and grandma and they simply told me that he had to leave. When I asked where, they told me he had moved to the U.S., and I believed it because that’s what the majority of men were doing. I guess, they just didn’t want to hurt me because I was so close to him, and I was too young to handle the situation. When I was older they finally told me that he had an alcohol problem and that’s the reason he had to leave. The alcohol destroyed his liver, and there was nothing the doctors could have done to help him. I thought he was going to always be spending time with me, getting me toys and especially those caramel suckers. My uncle and I had great times together, but now he is gone, and I never got the suckers that I thought I was always going to get either. This is why I believe nothing is permanent.

We should not keep thinking about the past negatively, nor keep worrying if we will get what we want in the future. Live the present, enjoy it, and only think about it, because that is all we really have.