Fear Can Make A Person Do Anything

Megan - Mooresville, Indiana
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

I believe fear can make a person do anything. Fear decides the way you walk, talk, act, and feel. Fear makes right and wrong. If someone says that you can live without fear, there is, and never will be such a thing. You live and breathe fear, but does it define you? Being 16 with a month and some change till I became a second year driver, fear is something I was about to find out about. January 15th 2007, 7:11 a.m. driving to school, just like any normal day. First ice of the year makes for slow traffic. As the car in front of me turns, I come almost to a halt. As I push the gas pedal trying to get back up to speed, I turn the corner that I had millions of times before. Only this time, I came face to face with fear. With no cars in front of me, and no cars behind, he decides to turn the only minute he couldn’t. As he started to turn left, I hit my breaks, that was no good because I was on a bridge and the ice had not yet melted. Before he realized he had hit me, he already sent me spinning on the ice toward the bridge and the patch of woods nearby. My car nearly misses the bridge and water underneath it, but sideswipes many trees that would have sent me flying through the windshield if hit directly. My car finally picks a tree to come to a crashing halt into. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of my troubles. As I find out that I am stuck in my car because both of my doors have been crushed in, I hear chilling words from the top of the hill. The guy that could have potentially sent me spinning to my death was cussing me out and as soon as I broke my way out of my car he chooses the words, “oh figures you’re a girl.” As he came hurling toward me like he was going to put me out of my misery, I turn to run as a tear freezes on my cheek. We did a couple laps around my car as my arms start to freeze for lack of necessary clothes for the time of year. When I dial for help, his attitude suddenly changes. He starts to offer warmth in his truck in order to get me into his truck. He wanted to take me, take me far away. In the end things worked out but I walked away with brand new fears I have never known before. Fear drove me to be able to get out of my smashed in car, fear drove him to almost kidnap me. Fear is something we both had in common if nothing else. Fear is what drives people, from beginning to end, from good to bad. After life hit me straight in the face, I won’t let it define who I am, nor should anybody.