Up In Smoke

Jesse - Santa Rosa, California
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: freedom, illness

This I Believe

I am not a everyday stoners that you see wandering around aimlessly. I am a medicinal user of medical marijuana, and I stand tall. I believe I should be allowed to use any form of marijuana that is prescribed to me in every state in the U.S, as should all other prescribed patients of marijuana. By doing this, I believe our country’s crime rate will diminish. I feel the result will be that our country’s economy will benefit, and possibly grow to its all time high. I believe that this is all possible by legalizing marijuana through out the U.S for all prescribed patients.

I was born May 9th 1986, and I was born with a few eye problems; I was diagnosed with congenital cataracts, and had them removed a week later. All through out my childhood I had problems that kept occurring. Currently I have two types of glaucoma, nistagmus in both eyes, and have had over five retinal detachments. Therefore, I have an option for alternative medicines. I can either drop in seven different types of painful, disgusting eye drops, five times a day, or I can grab my bubbler and pack in a sweet smelling purple nugget, and puff my pain away.

The eye drops are different types of steroids and pressure releasers that help build the strength, and release the pressure within my eyes. The problem with the drops is that they make me extremely ill, and they have a list of side effects that extends on for five to seven pages. The list consists of failures, cancers, ulcers and things that I have never heard of. The side effects for pot, I can count on one hand. Although I have tried both, I would much rather feel a little stoned then to be sick in bed throwing up from taking all of the drops prescribed

Before I had received my medical marijuana prescription, I never really liked smoking pot. So my prescription is not a stoner’s dream come true. I do it because I have to, and I do it to be pain free. There is a chemical in pot called THC. This is the chemical that gives people that stoned feeling. But this is also the same chemical that reacts with the intake and outtake pressure valves within my eyes. It allows them to slightly dilate and let the necessary fluid to pass through normally. When I don’t medicate, the valves don’t dilate and my eye begins to fill with that fluid. This is very painful, and I am useless the rest of the day. Therefore, in my eyes, it is better to have a few less brain cells, then to have intestinal failure of some sort.

I believe that medicinal marijuana should be legalized for people like me, and not just state wide, because I don’t want to feel I can’t cross an imaginary line with my prescribed medicine. With my prescription, I am limited to the places I can go. I have family in Arizona, and I am not allowed to cross the border with my meds. I find this to be highly discriminatory. Why is it that I can’t visit my family with my prescription, but someone with a prescription of oxycoton, or methadone can proceed on through? It doesn’t make sense, right? This is why I believe that medicinal marijuana should be legalized in all states throughout the nation.