I believe in the beauty of horses

Cherie - Shiprock/NM/87420, New Mexico
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the beauty of horses. They have always been around when you needed them there. I from a family that has always had horses, we learned that horses are trustworthy like dogs. Horses have always been able to know what you’re thinking or how you feel. Horses have their own ways to make you feel better about the world and your outlook on life. Many say that horses know the personality of a person before you do.

I know that my horses have their own attitudes and personalities like people. I believe that horses have their own understanding of the world surrounding us and them. They slowly walk across the field and reach to nibble on an alfalfa stalk standing before them. The feeling of a horse walking up to you and nuzzle your hand outstretched to it. They have always been a part of nature, which humans had walked away from. Their nature is to feel beauty and roam freely across the snow topped mountains. Watching them galloping through pristine waters and nickering to their foals trailing their mothers. To me the knowledge that they have gained throughout history was better for them and ultimately a worthy moment for us.

My life living with horses is beautiful and that they always show their love for the people. The feeling of riding on the farm during the winter was magnificent. To hear the crunch of the snow beneath their footsteps and the small wisps of breathe becoming small clouds. To watch the sunlight reveal small diamonds in the snow that shine for miles. The slight gust of the wind swirling around you in a winter cloak, shielded from the sunshine and the snowflakes. The beauty with in this intricate ballet between horse and rider show the love and respect that is shared between them.

Without the first breaking and training of horses, the Native Americans would not have had the Holy Dog (Horses) or the Conquistadors a reason to conquer foreign lands on the back of a god, the horse. Okay don’t get me wrong that we are now living in an electronic zone. Horses have been around for years standing behind their rider for better or for worse. My own experience has come from years owning horses. You learn the ground hurts but it comes with it, as my Dad has told me. To ride a horse there’s always a chance that you’ll fall off and if you know that you can release worry for the glory and beauty embedded with it.