Education Is The Key To Success

Anquisha - Tennessee
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I was always taught that education could get me anywhere I wanted to go. That life was in my hands, that I hold my destiny and that I am in charge of me and myself only. To get somewhere in life you have to take the road most likely taken, to be that successful person in life.

People say that without a high school diploma of a college degree, where can you go? Who can you really be? Can you really be successful in life? The answer to all of these questions to me is all in the books. Could you really hold a great job, supporting your family just on an eighth grade level? Yes you may be smart, a very intelligent person, but without the type of education requirements, especially in the world today. The road you want to take will not take you very far.

Choosing who you want to be is also a very important issue. Going to college to be that doctor or to be that science major, is great. But using what you have been taught at school and using your previous education is the key. Like for example, in today’s world the number are very low on high school diplomas and college education. But the other half of the people who do receive that college degree of that high school diploma, never use them in the way that they will help them and of their family out.

Education is so important to me, that I personally took the intuitive to graduate two years early from my high school class. I wanted to pursue the great opportunities that are out there, ahead of time. Facing the difficult road blocks that came along with it was hard, but the success of the total outcome was worth it. Now I am able to learn new things, and be that over achiever in life so that I can be success ahead of time.

I believe that education can get you anywhere you want to go. Education is the key to success. And without education you are unable to receive the better goals that are ahead in life.