The Treasures of Having Nothing.

Heather - Deltona, Florida
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I went to Nicaragua I expected a place that was tropical and people who didn’t wear shoes. Well I got the people who didn’t wear shoes but tropical wasn’t what I thought it would be.

My missions group from Deltona Florida left on July tenth 2008 for Managua Nicaragua. I was so excited to be going to another country but I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did. The people would hug me and they wanted to know me, even though I could speak Spanish.

For ten days I traveled with a group of teens all over south west Nicaragua. We stayed in a church that had no pews, no windows, and no toilet seats. It was a change from home, I had a queen sized bed, but in Rivas, Nicaragua I got to sleep on the hard floor, with the bugs.

As my group and I went day to day dancing for the young children and giving them candy, I started to learn. The children in Nicaragua didn’t care how small or broken a toy was they were just thankful to have something that was new. They didn’t complain about not getting the coolest high tech toy, they were happy with the fact that some crazy Americans cared enough to give them a gift.

The children back in the United States were different, the majority wanting the new Game Boy or Ipod. There was a wall built back home between the children and true humility. All they had ever known was that if there was a want it could be filled. This broke my heart knowing that they wouldn’t understand what they were missing.

The children in Nicaragua were blessed because they didn’t have worldly distractions. I believe that when there are fewer objects in the way there is more room for love and acceptance of unconventional things. I believe that my life in America is a blessing but at the same time a curse. I didn’t know how much stuff I owned and didn’t need until I went to Nicaragua. Those children showed me that maybe buying second hand cloths wouldn’t be so bad and spending money on frivolous things would only block my heart from the unconventional.