i believe in the power of love

richard - nashville, Tennessee
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I Believe In The Power Of Love

Love can be a powerful emotion throughout people’s life at times. For some, love may lead to a great futures of companionship, yet love being such a powerful emotion it can also have negative qualities like bringing about hate and spite. Love also can make you do things you don’t usually do. I believe love is a very mysterious and powerful thing through life. For example, All though I loved a girl once before, when I finally told her I didn’t feel satisfied and happy, I felt weird and strange. This proves that love is a works in mysterious ways.

My first time falling in love with a girl I was very unfamiliar with the feeling. I never felt such a strong connection with anyone before in my life. It made me do things that I wouldn’t usually do like call twice a day; I constantly thought about her; this powerful feeling made me happier. However, after time went by me and the girl broke up because of arguments and other things. My love for her brought about new feelings. These were feeling of hatred, and anger. Now that I look back on my old relationship I find it weird that the same powerful feelings of love made me feel happier than ever are also the feelings that made me feel angry and hateful.

Love makes you do things you usually don’t do. Once while living in Hattie the most popular artist proved this. He was a very healthy and a nice man. Things were going great as usually until one day he found that his wife was cheating. The artist began to panic, and couldn’t operate normally. He changed his writing style from club songs to sad romantic songs all based on her. He put on weight. He also took a huge amount of drugs and he wasn’t a model in the community. Eventually the artist continued his new path and died. I believe that he died due to his love for the girl. He loved her so much that he couldn’t get his life back together, proving that love makes you do things you usually don’t do.

Overall, I believe love is a very powerful feeling. I can give lots of examples of how love can work out in good ways as well as bad. The mystery of love is simply a mystery. Meaning that it can’t be properly explained through word of mouth or writing, therefore I leave you with the challenge of discovering love for yourself.