I Believe It’s Always Okay to Eat Dessert Before a Meal

Katherine - Dallas, Texas
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I try to create a little zest in life by paving my own path whether it’s with or against the grain—why take everyone else’s road? Why not eat dessert before a meal?

Sometimes my mind drifts off, and I begin to ponder why certain things are a certain way. My dessert philosophy sparked at a Cantina Loreado restaurant during the middle of my high-school career. I saw a chocolate cake on display glimmering with decadence. I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner and that sweet treat was it. After placing my order, my dad looked at me a little funny and told me I needed to order dinner dinner before dessert.

I was quick to surrender under his authority at the moment, but the meal got me thinking. Who got to decide when a course was appropriate to eat and why couldn’t I simply order what I really wanted? I felt like something was holding me back.

Authority to a silly rule was limiting my inner desires and self-expression. If time really was as precious as my parents and teachers taught me to believe, I should be able to engage in what I truly enjoy. I want to live the best life possible based on what makes me happy. I ultimately arrived at my enlightened conclusion—eating dessert before a meal wasn’t just an act, it was a lifestyle.

Though society has its manipulative dominance over me at times into thinking I will be ridiculed if I dare inch across the realm of social acceptance, I have learned to refer to cheesy sayings such as “be true to you,” to keep on track. In middle school, for example, all I wanted to do was be like everyone else. I dressed, thought, and behaved like my friends in order to avoid sticking out. I slowly sneaked away from the cookie cutter mold of conformity and found myself a happier person. I got fed up agreeing with gossip and being like everyone else—how boring.

Parameters are necessary to encase certain chaos, but I discovered I didn’t enjoy conforming to certain norms that don’t harm anyone but my personal happiness. I simply go with my mood and how I’m feeling each day. I’ll cut across a field instead of take a paved path, listen to Christmas music in mid-October, and even enjoy a cookie before dinner. I’ve learned to create my own norms rather than stick to everyone else’s.

I savor life by living day-to-day, minute-by-minute. If I suppress my feelings, they will eventually rise to the surface with negative consequences. Life moves fast. I know I can’t control what comes my way, but I can control how I handle the situation. I believe it’s beneficial to indulge in life’s pleasures and eat a little dessert before a meal.