Addie - park hills, Missouri
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


In my opinion, no matter how a person is raised, everybody is different. The family I have is the best imaginable. With two loving parents, my brother and I can’t be more different.

“Yes, I know he is 6’2 with brown hair but he really is my little brother,” I tell my former teacher, Mr. B. Being two years older than he is, my brother Delton has had many of the same teachers I’ve had. There have been so many times someone has walked up confused and I explain that we are related, honest! Not so much that it bothers me now, but it is quite repetitive.

I realize I am 5’4 with blonde hair. Not only do Delton and I look different, but our character is completely diverse as well. The influence our family has on our lives is equal- its not that my brother is different, because our family treats him so, but it’s multiple things like personality, character, and knowing the difference between right and wrong that draws the distinction line between us.

In the past I have received as much punishment as he. Delton doesn’t get in much trouble except the fact he is lazy- this pertains to anything in general. Not to say I am an absolute go-getter, but when and if things need to be done, I do them. It makes my life easier so why not?

How do you get motivation? If you can think of more than one way then you are especially different than my little brother. For him, motivation is so hard to come by. I believe that my inspiration comes from inside and doing it for my own good. Delton on the other hand

has no interest in being inspired or learning how. My father constantly nags him and breathes down his neck to make sure his homework is completed. That typically doesn’t faze him, he continues to be indolent. Even with the same parents they can make such unusual offspring. It’s remarkable. We share no common interests of course. My favorite sport includes sweat, dirt, and the beating sun on your face- softball. His is anything electronics or dealing with computer games in air conditioning.

People do bring up age and maturity level with me, but I do whole heartedly believe that has little effect on how we are so different. I doubt if we were twins that our individuality would be totally alike.

My life attests how being developed by the same family in identical ways can result in two different outcomes. Yes, I do believe two people can be raised the same but can become total opposites of each other both physically and mentally.