cheese bitch-nasty

maxwelllimus - chesterfield, Missouri
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe cheese is the best food. I eat cheese with anything I can. As if it doesn’t go with enough stuff while it’s cold, if you heat it up it’s like a whole new food. Nacho cheese is the best. I like to get nachos at any fast food place that has them; if they have cheese fries, that’s just as good if not better. The processed weird stuff most fast food places serve is the best kind because of its thickness. It is the perfect cheese sauce. When I’m at home I always try to make my own nachos with chips or whatever I have. Sometimes I buy the saucy stuff from dierbergs, but it’s expensive and you don’t get very much.

I like to cut slices of cheese up and put them on chips and melt it in the microwave. The best kind of cheese is cheese with a little spice. It’s nice to have a plethora of crackers and cheeses and eat them. Grilled cheese is a delicious sandwich. On any other sandwich you need the cheese to hold it together. Philly cheese steak, Ham and cheese, Cheese sandwich, all need the cheese to hold them together. Then there is good ol parmesan cheese. I like the kind that comes in the plastic thing that shakes out.

I hate cutting up cheese, that’s one bad thing about it. Parmesan goes so good on pasta or a meatball sandwich. I put cheese on my hamburgers and hotdogs. It’s delicious. I like goat cheese too. It’s kind of nasty that it came from a goat but whatever, it goes good on crackers. Around Christmas, my grandma makes a cheese ball every year. It tastes so good I could throw it up, pick out the cheese ball chunks, and eat them again. Shredded cheese goes good on a lot of stuff, especially tacos. It also makes a lot of vegetables taste better, such as salad. There are so many kinds of cheese in the world and they all have their own flavor. I don’t really like blue cheese, but its ok on salad. If cheese didn’t exist I’d probably kill myself.