people create their own happiness

Darrin - northbangor, New York
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Throughout my life many things has happened to me that made me believe in things. I believe in many things but one thing that I believe in that is important to me is people creating their own happiness. I believe this because my grandfather passed away when I was thirteen and I was upset until I realized that I could be happy when I was ready to be.

I was thirteen years old and loved spending time with my grandfather. Every night I got home from school and every weekend morning t spent with my grandfather feeding and taking care of the horses. I looked up to my grandfather as a hero and wanted to be like him in many ways as possible. I looked forward every day to be happy while spending time with my grandfather. One day after I arrived home from school I walked inside to my family sitting in the living room crying when my dad told me that my grandfather has passed away. For weeks I hated everything. People tried to cheer me up in every way they could to help get my mind off what happened. No one succeeded in making me happy. That’s when I believed that people create their own happiness. When I was ready to accept the fact that my grandfather was gone, I cheered up and didn’t let it from stopping me to be happy again. Ever since that day I realized that it was me that could make me happy and since then it was easier accept those things that made me upset.