Just Because

Chris - Malone, New York
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever done something nice for someone, just because? Felt that if you’re nice, other people will continue on and be nice because of your act? Because I have, and that’s what I believe, I believe in the power of a simple and nice act.

I first realized this when I was 16 and had gotten my license. One day while I was driving, I was stopped coming out of a parking lot. After sitting there a while, I had begun to get a little angry. Then someone decided to stop and let me out, just because. I was very grateful for this person’s kind act and decided I would pass it on to someone else. At the time I was just thinking I would pass it on and that would be it, but after I passed it on, I realized that doing something nice for someone, just because, made me feel pretty good.

After that, I decided that everyday I would try to do something nice to try to help someone out.

You never know, your act could make someone’s day.