Everyone Needs a Purpose

Luvus - Mesa, Arizona
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

Everyone Needs a Purpose

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I believe, what really makes my world go round and it came to me, I believe that everyone needs a purpose. I believe that throughout life we are all looking for a purpose, something so precious to us that we’re willing to put our lives on the line for it, and that purpose gives us the motivation to do anything we want. My belief in having a purpose began to manifest a few years ago in my freshmen year of high school, I was really religious at the time about two things, Christianity, and my schools AFJROTC. I was passionate about the ROTC, it made me feel important, and it gave me something to believe, something strong and firm, an order that was infallible, at least I thought.

In the middle of the year Master Sergeant Vernon or Top left our unit, he was my strength, my purpose, and when he left it hurt me deeply. As that year went on I watched as the officers in power began to abuse their power making some of the other cadets do things to humiliate them, everything I believed became a lie, their creed, their mission, everything was a lie, I lost my purpose.

Though I was still stuck in the ROTC class at my school, I began to drift away from the out of school activities that I could, and with the free time I started to look for something else to believe in, something as powerful and moving as the ROTC, that’s when I became saved. It really started how everything starts, I fell for a girl. Her name was Andrea, and I was totally enthralled by her. I started to go to church every Sunday just so I could see her, and soon I became infatuated with what my pastor’s message, his name was Nick.

He encouraged me to be willing to change, open to difference and to be more outgoing. He helped me cope with some emotional issues that were built up inside of me that I never knew about, but like everything else in my life he left the church. After Nick left the church felt empty to me, he was the only beacon of hope that I had in my life, and with that gone I left the church and never went back, I lost my purpose.

Even though I lost those precious people in my life, because I kept going I found another. Her name is Felicia, and one day it’ll be Felicia Murry. She is my purpose, and with her I have made it to college and I’m on a path that I never thought was possible. Now I’m writing this essay for my English class trying to figure out what my belief is, and it came to me, my belief is that Everyone Needs a Purpose.