Molly - Constable, New York
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When you are young you make friends that you have for your whole life. I feel that a friendship is more valuable then any thing that you can humanly have with any one or any thing else. My friendship with my best friend Kirstie is a great example of how powerful it is.

We have been friends or almost all of our whole lives, and it all started when we were three and in dance class. We became friends by not only having to be there ever week but by having to learn to get along with others. Even at a young age we had so much in common and our parents knew that we would get along. When we got out of dance class we moved on into school where we would see each other more and more every day so naturally we would get closer. Elementary school passed and then middle school came along. And that is were we found out what your friendship was really worth and we also found the true friendship that we have today. That is also when we hit the god awful thought of boys and fights. That showed when we were in middle school a lot. Although we had them in the picture we still brought out the best in each of each other. So when we would fight for maybe four or maybe even five hours over what that dumb boy had done or what we had done to each other we would always cheer the other one up. I don’t think that we fought very much but if we did you would know it. Like any other teenage girls we could not, not talk to each other so naturally we would make up. So now three years in high school have passed and yeah we have fought but we have made up and nothing can still keep us apart. As we passed trough high school and are now seniors we look back and say “wow” where would we be if we are not the friends that are today. We did the usual you know start really hanging out with boys, making new friends, and growing even closer. We stuck by each others side we he broke up with her and vice versa. And let me tell you there were a lot of them. Last year Kirstie got sick she stayed strong and I couldn’t even bear to not talk to her. But when something horrible happened to one of us we were there with a shoulder to cry on or even if it was just to get take a ride out of town to see if that person is home or to see if you could find out who he is dating. We try to keep each other in check with things like that. When we talk to each other and express any problems we can fix them and maybe even make things even worse for that person. When we are either sad or even just plain old mad we cam make each other laugh like we were 10 again.

When we are fighting or even just to busy to do anything our friendship has lasted so long and is way stronger then anything we can have with any boy or any other friend.