I believe everyone needs a second chance

Meighan - malone, New York
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Everyone looks back and remember some point in there child hood. My biggest memory is my mom teaching me to ride my bike and my mom teaching me to play ball, it was always me mom who took time to teach me everything in life. Hardly could I say my father did something amazing I remember. Now that I am older things are starting to change a little, but my mother is still my hero.

Throughout my child hood my father would come and go as he pleased. A phone call to me once a month meant a lot. Around the year 2000 my mother and father split up for good and we shipped off to the state of Arizona to live with my grandmother. My younger brother and I miss him terribly, even though before we moved we only saw him about five times a year, it seemed worse being far away. Every morning rushing to the mail box to see if there was a letter was a daily routine. Waiting by the phone after school to see if he would call was also an activity. After one hole year of missing my father and trying to make him miss us back was enough. We moved back to Malone NY in the year 2001, and still no contact was made.

Now it is the year 2008 and I am 18 years old. I have to ability to see a little more of my dad even though I don’t interest him as much as I wish I did. I still see him more then I did when I was a child. Making the effort to get a hold of him to go visit him is hard for me. Knowing that all these years it was hard for him to realize that he has a daughter and a son I still believe he love us and means the best. In the past few months he has been making an effort to call and be in our life a little more. I think my father was scared and not committed for children. Now that we are older he is making the right decision to be in our life. He doesn’t know how to have the big responsibility that he would have when we where younger. I love him very much and forgive him. That was in the past and today is the present. My mother would always tell me,

“Meighan you are old enough no to make your own decisions. Weather you want to see him is your choices not mine.”

Today my choice is to visit him when I please. We both enjoy catching up on things and telling each other about our life. I love my father very much.

Throughout the years it was always my mom in my life my father wasn’t around much. He had his own life that didn’t include him children, but now that he has realized we mean a lot to him he wants to be in our lives. Giving my father a second chance is my pleasure. I would love to be the best daughter I can. Its nice to be able to get that phone call and pick up by saying “ Hi, dad what you up to , want to hang out today.”