my family

karen - 12966, New York
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

My family is unlike any other family I know or have even heard about. My family is what keeps me who I am and who I love to be. I believe that family is truly the most important thing in your life

As of now I have my mom and dad and 5 other sisters,heather,Bernadette,laura,Valerie,and Eva. Valerie is my closest sister although I love them all equally she’s defiantly the one I talk to the most. My family is I like to think of as the Brady Bunch instead of the far out expressions and the dad who talks about life lessons every episode. My family are people who say “I love you “ all the time. I feel that some families say it just to say it. Our family really means it. No matter what your family will never judge. In my family they don’t stab you in the back. I can’t say that my family is perfect because nobodies are, we’ve had are ups and downs but I believe that’s what makes us stronger. Were in a world today where you need people around you to love you, because that’s how you get through most of life’s obstacles. And there’s all one thing we share in common and that’s the love for my dad. I remember ever since I was a kid my family and I would go outside to this day to wave off my dad as he heads off for work for Alcoa. If I could choose life without my family I wouldn’t be here today. Them and my boyfriend are what makes me feel lucky and truly blessed this I believe.