katalin - chateaugay, New York
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe that girls and girls should be treated equally. I believe this because I do things that the boys do.

I go hunting and fishing. I ride four wheelers with all of the guys. The majority of my friends are guys.

My grandpa has been my role model my whole life. He has taught me to never let a guy say he is better than me. He taught me to never bend to a guy, to always be as strong as them. He got me into all of the things I do now.

I remember the first time my grandpa took me hunting. We had to get up early and get down to the tree stand before the deer started moving. It was just before six, it was still dark, and a pretty brisk morning. We walked down back behind the house, down a steep hill to the tree stand. We sat in complete silence as the sun came up. We sat without any movement for about two and a half hours. We didn’t see a thing. Then my grandpa got up, grabbed a piece of bright orange tape, and walked about a hundred yards out and stuck it to an old tree. He came back and told me to take the shot. I raised my rifle, lined up my scope, took a deep breath, and fired. Bull’s eye! He told me after “just wanted to make sure you could hit something”. Later he told my Uncle that I shot just as good as he did. My head swelled with pride because I knew he was proud of me.