Heroes are normal people, in disguise

Cory - Owls Head, New York
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A hero is someone who is always there for someone else. A person who drops everything they are doing to help someone else. A hero is someone who lives their lives to the sole purpose of helping someone else. Heroes help someone who is truly in need, even if the person does not ask for help. A hero is someone who inspires other people to help others.

My father is a hero, he is the chief of our local volunteer fire department, and I truly believe his is a hero. My dad goes to the aid of others anytime, day or night, and he is someone who really cares. My dad always tries to teach me, and my two other brothers, that it is more important to help someone else than it is to ignore a call for help. I believe that heroes should be honored, and recognized more often than they are. Many people are heroes and many of them are not recognized.

Heroes are everyday people who have 2 jobs. Their first job is the one they do everyday. And the second job is the job of being a hero. These everyday people do not think of being a hero as a job, they think of it as a duty. These people give a lot of their time to volunteering and they do it for their love of people.

I believe that heroes are everyday people who are not recognized often enough. Heroes should be commended more often, and is wish more people would recognize a hero when they see one. My father is truly a hero, and in many ways, my dad has inspired me to become a hero.