Kerstin - Chuluota, Florida
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that it is vital to feel successful in life. Not only does it boost self-esteem, it also allows people to reflect upon their true potential. I never experienced true success until the last two years of high school. I was an average student and had no desire to do anything truly extraordinary. I was content with my life but it felt like I was missing something. Success was the puzzle piece that completed my life.

My GPA in school was always average. I was satisfied with my grades but I knew I could do better if I actually put effort into my school work. I knew if I put forth my full potential my GPA would increase greatly. During the summer of 2006, I had wondered why I never gave everything I could to my education. Rather than saying that my grades would be higher if I studied, I wondered why I did not just study. That year I changed my study habits to see what influence this would have on my grades.

Within one year of applying my new study habits my GPA increased dramatically. The feeling of success was like nothing I had ever felt before. Due to my experience of being successful with my grades I then decided to set small goals for myself. Some goals were personal, while other goals were devoted towards my education. Every time I met a goal, no matter how small, I became more confident in myself. The success has turned me into a different person. I became a better person. Rather than being lazy and average, success made me strive to break out of the small bubble that was my comfort zone. I learned to have self-confidence which made me try different things.

I believe everyone should be able to experience success. Meeting goals such as weight loss, better education or even a promotion can boost self-confidence. Success is success, no matter how big or small the goal is. Being successful allowed me to see my true potential put to work. Success helps change people for the better. Being successful with my past goals has made me more secure with my work ethic and potential.