This I Believe

Michael - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

I believe that every moment of life should be cherished and that life itself should be lived to the fullest. Throughout my teen years I did not cherish the life that I had been given. I was making subpar grades, and didn’t take good care of myself. I had lived a sheltered life and had no idea to what the value of hard work was.

It was not until midway through my junior year at High School that I began to realize the extent that I was wasting my life. My mid-term report card had 2 D’s and 2 C’s and for the first time in my academic career my GPA had stooped to lower than a 3.0, so my parents decided to have one of those “talks” with me. This talk, however, was different from the previous ones I had experienced. My parents expressed to me how concerned they were, and that if I did not make some serious changes soon I would ruin the possibility of ever achieving a successful life. They also threatened me with a punishment that they knew would hit home for me, they threatened to make me sit out my senior year of High School football.

Football was the only thing that I was truly passionate about, so this served as a major wake up call to me. I knew that it would take a lot of hard work and studying in order for them to change their minds about me playing football next year. I took it upon myself to enroll in after school tutoring for all four of my core classes, to which I went to four days a week, and I even spent some time mowing my neighbors yards over the weekend to afford a SAT prep class. The results were remarkable, and by the end of my senior year I had a 3.9 weighted GPA and received a score of 1290 on my SAT. I had also been accepted to three major Universities in the state of Florida, to which I had received a 100% Bright Futures scholarship. I also found myself to be a much happier person, and looking back I cannot believe that I had wasted so many years of my life just coasting by. From this day forward I will live every day to the fullest, and knowing that if I work hard any goal is obtainable.