I Believe in Guardian Angels

Lindsey - Suffolk, Virginia
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I was involved in a frightening car accident. It was a dark Saturday morning about two o’ clock. My friends and I were coming home from a party in Norfolk. When we got to a four way intersection, out of nowhere a black suburban ran the light and we hit them. The impact felt like a bird hitting the windshield, my body felt numb. The light was green how did that just happen? It was hard to see my friends due to the phosphorus gas from the air bag. The gas was cloudy and it was hard to breathe. Finally when I could move, my friends and I jumped out of the car.

Fortunately my friend and I had our seatbelt on. My friend in the backseat of my explorer did not have her seatbelt on, but she was not injured at all. When I finally got to the emergency room, the doctor told me that we were lucky to be alive. She said that the seatbelt saved our life. At that very moment I realized that I had a guardian angel. Something that night made me put my seatbelt on, and knew that it would save my life. Lately, I had not been putting my seatbelt on because I would either forget, or just not feel like it. For some reason I put it on

the night of my accident and that was what saved my life. When we hit the suburban, time stood still. I had a weird feeling inside, it felt like there was a huge bubble around my vehicle. The bubble protected us from being killed. In my heart I feel that if the bubble had not been there, we would have been thrown from my car. For some reason my friend in the backseat was not thrown from the car, that is not just luck.

I feel that my grandfather is my guardian angel. My grandfather passed away when I was eight years old. My whole life I have felt incomplete without him being here. He was my best friend and even though I was only eight years old, I remember him vividly. I have always been confused on why God took him away from me so soon, he did not get to see me grow up. To this day I feel my grandfather in my presence. I remember one day I was home alone on the computer. I had been crying about something. Out of nowhere I felt this breeze go by me. Ever since then I have felt that breeze when I am down and sometimes when I am thinking about my grandfather. The bubble I was talking about was from him and I know it. Even though we had just been hit, I felt protected which was a weird feeling.

When I was eight I believed my grandfather was a star. Now I believe that he is my guardian angel.